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辽宁体彩11选5娱乐:The first batch of MSCI International Index Funds were approved for public and private placement targeting at “Moris”.

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内容摘要: With the advent of “entry”, the distribution of related products for public funds is under close development. At present, 13fund companiesr...

With the advent of “entry”, the distribution of related products for public funds is under close development. At present, 13 fund companies reported to the MSCI Series Index Fund, of which 7 have applied for the MSCI China A-Share International Index Fund. Southern Fund and China Merchants Fund products have been approved. In addition, part of the private equity has also begun to track the first batch of "into the" constituent stocks.

Public Funds Actively Preparing for the Future

At the same time that the A-shares are about to be included in the MSCI Emerging Market Index, the public fund industry is preparing for an emergency, increasing the layout of the MSCI Index Fund product line. It is understood that there are investment funds, the South Fund, Hua An Fund , Ping An Dahua, Invesco Great Wall, the highest gold a letter, China Fund, Hua Tai Borui, Pacific Fund, CCB , easy to square up Funds , Qianhai Open Source, Xinhua Fund and 13 other companies submitted MSCI Series Index Fund products. Among them, China Merchants Fund, China Southern Fund, Huatai Bairui, Jianxin Fund, E Fund, Huaxia Fund, and Invesco Great Wall declared the MSCI China A-Share International Index Fund.

According to professional analysis, the MSCI China A Shares International Index is the only index to track the progress of A-shares being included in MSCI in a timely manner compared to other MSCI China A-Shares related index. Its constituent stocks fully and directly benefit from this. With major international positives, it is possible to capture the investment opportunities brought by the A-shares into the AMO more convenient, faster, and more accurately.

Up till now, the Southern MSCI China A Shares International Exchange ETF and the Connected Funds, China Merchants MSCI China A Shares International Exchange Index Fund have been approved. China Merchants MSCI China A Shares International Exchange Index Type Funds preempted on March 13 issued.

Bai Haifeng, director of the International Business Department of China Merchants Fund and investment manager of the MSCI China A-Share International Interim Index Fund, stated that from the international experience, many countries and regions have gained significant growth after being included in the MSCI Emerging Market Index, and have incorporated the MSCI index. The large probability of the domestic stock market has a positive effect. As the "real-time tracking version" of the MSCI Emerging Index, the MSCI China A Shares International Index will directly benefit from the incremental funds entry, which will have a good investment prospect in the medium to long term.

Short-term one-billion-dollar funds or admission

It is understood that the MSCI China A-Shares International Index covers a large number of blue-chip A-share large-cap stocks. The top three industries are financial, industrial, and optional consumption, which account for 51.5% of the overall shareholding weight. There are also some technology leaders, both taking into account blue-chip and value growth two-wheel drive, will be the main target of foreign capital inflows in the future.

According to the agency's calculations, after China's A-shares have been included in the MSCI Emerging Market Index, short-term capital inflows will be between 17 billion and 18 billion U.S. dollars. According to the progress of MSCI, China's A-share market will eventually be fully incorporated into the emerging market index, which will bring US$340 billion in growth funds in the medium to long-term. Bai Haifeng said that for A shares, market sentiment will be boosted in the short term, and the relevant industry leaders with higher weights and better match between growth and valuation will benefit greatly.

According to the data, after the recent adjustments, as of the end of February, the index of CSI 300 was 1.67, and the latest price-to-earnings ratio was 14.33. Both the price-to-book ratio and the price-to-earnings ratio have returned to the mid-to-low levels since 2015. Bai Haifeng believes that the current valuation of A shares after the release of risk is one of the most attractive stages between the past two years and the coming year. With short-term market sentiment, investors are more willing to give marginal bright spots in the economic structure to accept their risk pricing, which allows the "pretty 50" cost-advantage advantage that was sought after for high certainty to attenuate, and the future A-shares' Longma market. It will focus on the second-line blue chips, blue-chip mid-market chips and blue chips.

Private equity close attention to constituent stocks

In addition to public offering funds, a number of private equity firms are also paying close attention to constituent stocks to be included in MSCI, and private placements have been properly configured.

Shanghai Yu State Investment Partner Tao said, are closely following the initial day 222 stocks included in the MSCI, and after the Spring Festival configured Agricultural Bank , Gezhouba , Shandong Gold .

Tao said Bank The stock valuation system generally adopts the valuation of the market value, according to the mature capital market valuation system, the current bank is underestimated. "Moving into the sea" shows that China's financial market is further opening to the outside world, and it also shows that international institutions recognize China's emerging capital market. After entering "Motor", the A-share market will usher in an increase in funds, while foreign investors will Undervalued bank shares and resource and consumer stocks are more interested.

Beijing Capital Partners Du Kejun said that it will consider the allocation of some of the constituent stocks, and the company will focus on well-known and more transparent companies, which are certainly the target of foreign investment. At the same time, consumption is also a hot spot for allocation. Leading companies such as Vanke may also be selected.





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